Hi Krista,
 Have you checked out the reference manual that we received at the last
JOB's retreat in September? There are several examples towards the back of
the manual that suggest user friendly language to develop an appropriate
treatment plan. Remember that the basic tenet is that the Medicaid tx plan
should focus on the psychosocial issues that you will be assisting the
client with managing as they proceed towards their employment goals. Feel
free to call me at 223-6355 if you want to explore any questions you might
have about this. I will be at this number today until 12:15 or so, but will
be back here again tomorrow after 1:30.  Good luck!  Paul Miller/Coordinator

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Subject: Goals and objective

Hi Everyone,

This is Krista from the Rutland JOBS program.  I have been struggling with
developing treatment plans for kids in the JOBS program that are billable
for medicaid.  Could some of you please post some sample goals and
objectives that you have used with kids?  Thanks for your help.

Krista LaFemina
JOBS Coordinator (Rutland)