At 10:15 AM 1/23/2003 -0500, you wrote:
Our Zoning Administrator would like information regarding ordinances dealing with overhanging signs. We are also looking into allowing a symbolic type structure i.e.: yarn shop--ball of yarn;
Locksmith--key; the signs would not be allowed to have any lettering or wording in any language. 
Please send any thoughts or input regarding allowing this type of visual aid.
our fax # is:  802-748-1267
Prisicilla Messier
Planning and Zoning Administrator
Town of St Johnsbury
We would appreciate copies of ordinances or any thoughts on this matter
Sandy Grenier
Town Clerk/Treasurer

Sandy: South Burlington has a very detailed sign ordinance I will be glad to send you rather than
try to explain overhang rules but they are covered. I can fax you the appropriate page if you wish.

Symbols and blow-up signs are treated as signs, and under the control of the ordinance, if they
advertise a product actually sold by the establishment.  This is true whether or not they have any
wording associated with the symbol.  A ball of yarn for a yarn shop IS a sign.

Chuck Hafter
City Manager
South Burlington VT 05403