Hi All,

At the Secretary of State's office we know very well what you have
to deal with.  Motor voter is a FEDERAL mandate.  We have no
control over the requirements.  DMV must register voters.  We have
no choice or control over that.

We brought in the   clerk's associationto work with DMV to improve
the forms.  DMV is aware of the most recent printing errors and, as
I understand it, are taking steps to correct them.  Meanwhile we
have to do the best we can with a law that was written for larger,
more populous states who do not share post offices between towns.

I would be happy to pass along any of your suggestions for
improving the form to DMV - or contact the clerk's associations with
your thoughts.

Deborah L. Markowitz
Secretary of State
Vermont Secretary of State's Office
26 Terrace Street
Montpelier, Vermont 05609