Since I am responsible for everything in the vault there is NO WAY I
would let anyone other than my assistant have the combination - if they
need something after hours they can call me and I am more than happy to
open up and assist them.

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Subject: vault combination

I know this question was here before but I did not pay much attention
because it was not a concern of mine.  As the world turns, changes are
occurring in my office.

Do any of you clerks give out your vault combination to government
employees like listers, auditors, zoning administrators, etc.  The
argument being they need access to City documents to perform their
elected/appointed statutory duties.  My vault is open five days a week
from 8 am until 4:30 p.m.

Any of you out there confronted with this and if so, what was the
outcome and the basis of your argument.

Thanks so much,

Joan Devine