My frustration is the same.  I tried my best to read what was on the
forms but it was impossible at times.  Then the names are misspelled and
when they come to vote they can't be found.  We put over 45 people on
that said they were motor voter in the General election.  No one could
determine what really had happened but the process clearly does not
work.  Perhaps the proof of identity in the 2002 Help America Vote act
will be of some consolation but it still does not solve the problem.

Colleen Haag

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I am probably not alone in my frustration with the DMV registering
but would like to know what others do when the receive unreadable
applications from the DMV. I have one where I can not read the name,
address, or birthdate of the applicant. I also can not read the name of
person who gave the oath.