I don't have the 2000 Municipal census report....would it be possible for you to mail one to me?

Thank you for the names of the people to mail the Act 60 resolution to.

Sandy Grenier
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  Sandy -- you should have a copy of VLCT's 2000 Municipal Census Report.  On page 8 we report that 171 or 69% of municipalities use the Australian ballot for one purpose or another while 78 towns or 31% do not use it.

  Of those using it, 155 use it for the election of officers, 81 use it for "public questions" while only 48 adopt their budgets that way.  This does not include information on school budgets.

  The 2003 Census will be distributed soon.  It reflects 172 municipalities using it in some fashion with the number adopting town budgets by that means up to 53.  We do now have school budgets and the responses from towns indicate that 81 school districts vote on their budgets via Australian ballot.
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    I am doing a survey on how many towns vote their budget by Australian ballot and how many still vote their budget from the floor.  If you have switch to Australian ballot: how many years have you been doing it this way and how do the voters like it?  Also, how many revotes of budget have you had to do?

    Thank you for your help.....

    Sandy Grenier 
    Town Clerk/Treasurer
    St Johnsbury