Hi Cora:

I use NEMRC Tax Administration and absolutely love it.  It does all the work for you.  Figures penalty and interest and creates a monthly Delinquent Tax Notice, many very useful reports.  

I won't be surprised if you get several answers to your question just like mine.

If you have any questions please feel free to call.

Priscilla Aldrich
Town Clerk and Treasurer
Town of Burke
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  Sent: Tuesday, January 21, 2003 8:28 AM
  Subject: Delinquent Tax software

  I am wondering what other DTC's use for software.  Currently I am preparing all the bills by hand, and keeping the list of delinquent tax payers in a spreadsheet.  I am thinking about getting a program that will help with the billing.  Any suggestions?  I am looking for one that would calculate the interest and penalties.

  Cora - Braintree