I forgot to add that midway through our appraisal, Ed told me he should have chjarged us $75k.  This is a town of 700 parcels.  I'm guessing we would now be looking at 80K- 100K.  Even 75K would be 12,500 ($6) payments, 17.8 years.
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  I am looking for any municipality that has had a reappraisal within the last five (5) years. 


  I am looking for:


    1.. Cost of the reappraisal? 
    2.. Date of the above reappraisal? 
    3.. Date of the previous reappraisal? 
    4.. If the Town is currently is in a position due to the CLA (common level of appraisal) to do another reappraisal? 

  I need this information today if at all possible, but no later than 9:00 a.m. in the morning as I will be testifying in the legislature on this tomorrow. I believe that this is one of the unhidden costs of Act 60 that is born solely by the municipality and that the $6.00 per parcel does not come close to the actual cost. Help me if you can!!!!           John