My feelings on this have not changed.  Split the tech role / MIS  role of
the job from the coordinators roles.  Make the Tech coord endorsement just
about Cur. / PD / Classroom leader / Teacher Leader and change the title to
Educational Technology Integration Coord.

I am not sure about splitting the BA requirment out of the other
endorsement.  Can a teacher be endorsed without that requirment.

Dennis Beloin

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Subject: Endorsement at Springfield

Jeff Everett and I were among those who went to Springfield yesterday to
our turns at commenting on the proposed tech endorsements.  If one had
listened only to our formal statements, one would think that Jeff and I
almost diametrically opposed on some of the issues.  But we are not, as
became clear in the informal Q&A and discussion.

We have some ideas we want to flesh out on the listserv and then to
DOE as written comment when they have been given body.

Among them:
    The Bachelor's degree requirement for the Resource Teacher.
    Grandfathering those who have been on the job for at least three
years so
they can opt to go straight for the Level II license.
    Clearly separating the definitions of the Tech Coordinator and MIS;
school (or SU) could have choices about what kind of services they want:
strictly techie or the combination involving intimate knowledge of
and learning.

    We also gleaned some interesting information about "supplementing"
the regulations that actually cover many tech support positions.  Our
Administrator, for example, here in Barre would not fall under the
endorsements both through existing regulations and also through the fact
the proposed endorsements do not address that kind of position.

Jeff will also be making extensive comments to the list.

Tommy Walz
Technology Coordinator
Barre Supervisory Union #61
Barre VT 05641
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