I don't know much about Ed., but I can tell you this.

Education is a different field than IT.  I would like to see teachers
setting up VPNs, NAT, AD, ISA, or even preparing for disaster recovery.

I would love to be Ed certified, but on top of becoming an MCSE I couldn't
possibly take on another challenge at this time.

I'm not paid to work with the students.  I'm paid to make IT work for the
students, teachers and admin.  I'm asked 'How could we make this work?' and
I'm the person that gives them options on how IT can work for them, easily
and affectively.

I would have to disagree with this cert, it's not realistic.  How many IT
Coordinators are Ed certified?

There is a big difference between educational technology integration and
technology implementation/deployment.

I believe in setting high standards, but being Ed. Certified doesn't mean
your technology savvy.

Paul Wood

IT Coordinator, RNESU

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One other note is that the Tech. Coord or Director. endorsement is written
so that even Bill Gates could hold the position or for those of you who
don't like Bill Gates think of your favorite Tech person out their. These
people could not hold the position without being ed certified.  This is