>I, too, could not get to the link Bill included (below) - then I
Duh, me too. Except I didn't notice.  Thank you Sigurd.

And now that I've actually read these things, I remembered that I had
read them before.  And I remembered that they do not, in fact, apply to
me: I don't teach nuttin'.

But, I think it is slowly dawning on me that many of you who have
network management, etc. as your main responsibilities also actually
teach students and would seem to be affected by these endorsements.
Hence the continued "hue and cry."

Sorry for entering the fray and confusing the issue.  (Although I do
thrive on confusion.)  And good luck!


>that the
>URL was chopped into two lines, leaving the address incomplete. At
>abbreviated URL
>one can see a list of the file names of the various PDF files one
might want
>to see, including the document Bill referenced below
(endorse_intro.pdf )
>and the ones likely to be of most interest to the readers of this
>(endorse_ed_tech_coord.pdf - for Educational Technology Coordinator)
>(endorse_ed_tech_resource.pdf - for Educational Technology Resource
>At 08:34 AM 1/10/03 -0500, you wrote:
>>Hi Everyone -
>>The VITA-Learn Board instigated the process that has led to the
>>DRAFT Information Technology endorsements for Educational Technology
>>Resource Teacher and Technology Coordinator. ...
>>... Commenting on this list at this point will have NO effect.
Speaking at
>>one of the public sessions OR sending written comment via e-mail
>>([log in to unmask])WILL!!!
>>The endorsements can be found at:

>>Scroll down to the table that lists the endorsements and click on the
>>of the particular endorsement to see the entire text.
>>Thanks -
>>Bill Romond

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