I would encourage all who have an option on the endorsements to either
be at he hearings or send an e-mail to the Standards Board..  Having
someone state at a herring that others are not or are in favor does not
have the impact as the number of individual responses that they receive.
If you can not make the hearing there is an e-mail address to send you
option to.  I would encourage all of you to do this, whether your are
for or against the endorsement for a Technology Director.

As for my option on this subject it has changed a great deal in the
[past year and half.  AT first I thought that it was a good idea to
create an endorsements for Technology coordinator.  I thought that most
schools should have someone that has a background in education making
sure that technology was being used in schools to enhance education.  If
a district has the recourse to have a person that looks after the
educational support that technology can give and can have other staff
members that can implement the ideas and make sure that they work it
would be a great staffing model.  But as I have traveled around Vermont
most of our school districts and Supervisory Unions do not have the
resources to have both positions in there districts.  As Brad Edwards
stated, "he does it all".  I do believe that it is the responsibility of
the superintendent to make sure that the technology director is doing
their job to make sure that the technology is supporting education and
that professional development is provided to teacher to know how to
integrate technology in the curriculum.  I believe that superintendents
should have the flexibility and be trusted to hire personnel that will
complement the administrative team needs and best support positive
outcomes for students.  WE all must not forget that trying to hire
administrators and support staff is becoming harder and less of them are
around to hire.

I sin a nutshell is what I am going to testify to when I am at the
hearings on the 14th.  I suggest that you should either e-mail in you
own thoughts or state them in person at eh hearings.

Bill Kimball

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Didn't we just go through a big hue and cry over this in the fall?  I
remember being quite alarmed about these certifications, to the point of
suggesting it might be appropriate to form a professional organization
ourselves to fend of ed requirements, only to have Bill Romond allay my
fears with the following response on Oct. 18:

>The purpose of the Technology Coordinator endorsement is to address
>programmatic leadership in the form of coordination and management,
but NOT
>to the level of network management, hardware or software support, or
any of
>those technical aspects. The drafts of the Technology Coordinator
>have NEVER entered that realm.

and in a message later the same day:

>the draft endorsements do NOT attempt to "license techies" but are
>focused on the educational side of "educational technology", and there
is no
>test requirement.

Did I misinterpret him?  Should I continue to fear?  Are we, in fact,
going to be asked to add edubabble to the technobabble we already


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I have already spoken with Bill Kimball and other Directors about the
endorsements.  I am also encouraging people to attend the meetings.
Bill and I do not feel that Coord. should have to be educationaly
to do this position, which this endorsement is proposing.  I encourage
tech people to join in on the comments on an 14 at South Burlington.

Dennis Beloin
Director of Technology U32 and WCSU