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  I've just spent a half hour reading and digesting the email notes from a
slew of folks in the Tech Ed et. al. areas.  One of the notes said we  could
state our opinions about the requirements for Info/Tech.  I am interested in
this certification as a 9 - 12 teacher.  I doubt I would pursue the
Coordinator position at this time, perhaps later down the pike.  However,
here follow my thoughts on Info/Tech requirements for certification, since I
can't get up to the 1/14 meeting.

  An Information/Technology person should be or have:

  - knowledge of two word processing systems, like Apple Works and Microsoft

  - knowledge of two spread sheet systems like Apple and Microsoft;

  - knowledge of data base software and its uses;

  - knowledge of the use of Power Point and how it can be used for
presentations in the content areas;

  - knowledge of financial -- and other content -- software, like QUICKEN
and the use of sites like BLOOMBERG.COM, so that these can be used in
content areas like Accounting;

  - the ability to program, or to have programmed, in two languages. BASIC
and Pascal come to mind, and there are also several others, but God save us
from COBOL;

  - the ability to configure in a classroom lecture a hardware system, data
communications system, and internal LANs;

  - knowledge of the history of computers,  numbering systems and relevant
material as background information;

  - familiarity with additional software -- PAINT and others -- since we may
decide to use these in classroom presentations;

  - familiarity with powerful and relevant search engines, like GOOGLE.COM,
so classroom research can be done.

  - industry experience should be highly applicable in the Info/Tech
application process;

  - experience in having taught of the professional or college level should
also weight in favor of the applicant;

  - experience in designing and using web pages.

  I think the fact that some of us, because of the incidence of using these
software packages in our content area classrooms, have already been exposed
to these programs and therefore favorable weight must be given to the
applicant because of his/her practical experience.  There are very few
classes which a professional teacher can take as regards Word Procesing,
Spread Sheet and so on, so practical experience is unavoidable and

  I wish I could make the 1/14 meeting, but I can't.  Hence, my thoughts
above.  I will be quite interested in seeing the finished requirements since
I hope to apply for thr Info/Tech certification.

  I would appreciate hearing from ay 9of you foplks on my comments.

  Thank you,

  Larry Booker
  Business/Computer Teacher
  Windsor High School

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