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<< but until I realize how many people,
(Most of Vermont tech folks), do both jobs on a parttime basis and if
the state where to require a certificate we would lose the people who
are trying to do both jobs and just get the folks that run the systems.
I think it would cause a backwards step for most districts, except for
the districts that have a person already in this position. >>

Bill et al.

Now that argument resonates with me at least a little bit.  We do not need a
system that means that a whole lot of schools will be left in the lurch.  At
the same time, we do need people in those positions who do have a clue about
teaching and learning.

I have a couple of practical questions.  1.  Does anyone know what sort of
grandfathering clause is being considered?  2.  Can VITA-Learn help provide
the training or maybe even develop a program to help folks get the

Tommy Walz
Technology Coordinator
Barre Supervisory Union #61
Barre VT 05641
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