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<<         Why not let the districts make the decision as to how they want to

their staffing? I really think this would work. >>

Good point on which I'd like to expand.  I think your proposal is too
complicated.  The district should feel free to hire the kind of person they
want.  If that person is strictly a "propeller-head," then no sort of
endorsement is required.  Just don't call that person a Technology
Coordinator.  The other type, that covered by the proposed endorsement is
involved in curriculum integration, of which planning, budgeting, etc. are
all parts.  I personally think districts are shortchanging kids and teachers
if they go strictly with the first type, but they might have to make choices
due to budgetary restraints.

Tommy Walz
Technology Coordinator
Barre Supervisory Union #61
Barre VT 05641
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