Meeting on endorsementsHi all -

  I asked DOE representatives Manuela Fonseca and Anne Bordonarro (who ably
managed the session last night) to give us their personal view of the
session (rather than have one person's interpretation), so I forwarded
Dennis's previous message (see below). Here is their response:

  Thanks for sharing this with us and giving us the opportunity to comment.

  I think that we do need to revisit the endorsement; however, it is to
premature to state that we will definitively change it and how.  We still
have another Public Comment session tomorrow to take comments.  We also are
receiving many written comments on the endorsements.  All of this feedback
needs to be collected and analyzed before we can make a recommendation to
the Vermont Standards Board.

  We did learn a great deal from last night's public comment session and we
need to address these comments.

  Manuela & Anne "

  This should, in NO way, diminish the enthusiasm that Dennis and many of us
came away from the meeting with! The discussion was helpful and positive,
and will hopefully lead to a  better environment for educational technology
in Vermont.

  PS - There are two more opportunities for public comment:

      Thursday, 1/16, 4:30-6:30PM at the Sprigfield Tech Center (Rm. E303)

      Wednesday, 1/22, 2:30-4:30PM over ILN

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  The endorsement hearings last night went very well.  The DOE went on
record stating that the Educational Technology Coord. endorsement would need
to be changed from what they are hearing from public review.  They really
did understand that the technical part of the endorsement should not be in
it.  They will hopefully be chaning the title of the endorsement to
Educational Technology Integration Coord.  This would mean that only
educators holding classes with kids would would have to get this endorsement
or could get this endorsement.

  Everyone was in favor of the educational technology educators endorsement.

  I did take something out of this meeting and that is that Tech leaders /
Techy / Systems people accros Vermont need to start meeting and working
together.  I think together we hold the key to making technology work and
integrate better in schools.  I put an invitation out there that we start
meeting on the ILN.

  Dennis Beloin
  Director of Technology for U32 and WCSU