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<< Tom, we didn't meet in the 60's, but not too many years beyond
(actually it was 1970, I think).  I remember a certain get-together at
your house where . . . .  Oh my God!  I just realized I'm on the list
here.  Whew! I'm glad I didn't go any further describing that particular
event! >>

OK, Vince, before all the others get weird ideas...  Vince and I discovered
lo those many decades ago that we had dated the same girl - he in New Jersey
and I in Maine.  At that time I was an English teacher and he was still
working for the post office but had not yet gone postal.  Now look at where
we are...fated by the stars?

How did the ILN session go?  Do we seem to be moving toward a consensus?

Also, in addition to whatever we are doing with VITA-Learn, we should still
be talking about Dennis' suggestion of using ILN at our level of interest.

Tommy Walz
Technology Coordinator
Barre Supervisory Union #61
Barre VT 05641
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