You can set a browse only password for the other databases that can be a
different password from the mother and then use the preference settings on
those secondary db's to use that password as the default. By doing this the
user can open the primary db using the password that has been assigned to
them and the secondary db's will open using the browse only password that
has been set.

I hope this helps.

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> Question for you FileMaker Pro pros out there:  I have a multi-user
> relational database (about 9 db's related to a mother).  I secured the
> mother so that some users have limited access to menu, layouts, browse
> and edit rights.  However, I've found that a user can still access other
> related db's via the Window drop down on the menu bar of the mother.  A
> user can then mess up these related db's big time.  Is there a way to
> secure access to those db's without having to recreate access rights and
> passwords in each related db - a very time consuming endeavor?
> P.S. Please excuse multiple posting.
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