I am a certified teacher with the current computer endorsement along with
other subject areas. I am also the Technology coordinator K-12  here, and
do the following:

plan for new equipment
develop the tech budget
do erate
coordinate tech planning
write grants
all repairs, both hardware and software (280 workstations, 7 servers)
keep the network running smoothly with 5 wire closets
coordinate ILN
supervise two labs( I have an assistant)

plan for tech integration
teach one block of multimedia each semester (I'd prefer to do two, but
there's no time)
deliver training and support to K-12 teachers
support K-12 students
introduce new software

There's probably something I missed, but it seems to me that the first
part of the list is more IT whereas the second part of the list would need
someone who is certified as a teacher.

I would like to have both endorsements as I do both jobs. As a result, I
think that the technical training component of any IT endorsement should
have a waiver for those who may not have the formal training but have had
to learn by doing for the past several years.

Brad Edwards
Technology Coordinator, English Department, Windsor Schools
19 Ascutney Street
Windsor, VT 05089
802-674-6344 x336
"Never place a period where God has placed a comma."-Gracie Allen