I'm still having some trouble with this.  When I came to Vermont, I was
straight out of a business environment.  Education, I can say is a much
better environment.

I don't have direct contact with the students.  I help with the development
of local IT plans and do 4 out the 7 school's e-rate applications.  Most of
my job is IT related, from testing to deployment.

I think that communication is the most important part of this job.  I get my
input from the teachers/admin and IT plans and implement accordingly.

Aren't we talking about a Director of IT and not the Coordinator?

Would I have to change my title if this endorsement passes?  What
repercussions would this bring to the ones that aren't ed certified?  Or is
this just an extra certification from the state?

Since coming to RNE, I think most would say that I have done a good job.  We
have moved quickly to where we are today.  I have learned a lot in a short
time and still have lots to learn.

Where does an MCSE or certified network engineer that does help with IT
planning and funding fit in?

I won't be able to make the 1/14 meeting, I will forward my comments.

Paul Wood
IT Coordinator, RNESU
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Many thanks for that reminder and the bit of history.  I hope some of the
strong negative reactions we've heard are based on the assumption that the
endorsements would apply to anyone touching computers in schools.  They do
NOT apply to strictly "techie" positions.  In our district, even though we
have five or six bodies dealing with some level of tech support, I am the
only one affected by the proposed endorsements.  And I consider that

Tommy Walz
Technology Coordinator
Barre Supervisory Union #61
Barre VT 05641
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