I sent in the following comments, and decided this afternoon to share
them with the list:

        It would be beneficial for a district if the technology coordinator had a
teaching certificate, but this should not be a requirement: if you do
this, schools will have a hard time finding certified TC's. It would also
be beneficial for a district if the technology coordinator had formal
programming training and experience, but this should not be a requirement
for the same reason. Many current Technology Coordinators got their start
because they simply knew how to turn on a computer, and then they got to
be the "go to" person for any computer issues.

        My recommendation is that you create two different Technology Coordinator
endorsements in addition to the Technolgy Integrationist/Specialist
endorsement. The IT endorsement would cover those with programming IT
backgrounds but no teaching certificate or experience. It would allow
those leaving the business world to do similar work in any school system
in the state. The IT-Ed endorsement would cover many current Technology
Coordinators with teaching certificates but no formal technology
programming training, and would allow existing teachers to add the
Instructional Technology courses needed for that certification.
        Schools then would have the option of hiring either type: a TC with
educational experience and certification or a TC whose experience was
limited to IT in the business world.
        Secondly, I would urge you to require the certificate holder to earn a
Masters Degree in Instructional Technology in order to hold the IT-Ed
endorsement. This requirement would have to be met at the next renewal (7
years). All endorsements would be K-12.
        If you make two Technology Coordinator endorsements as I have described,
you will meet 90% of the objections of those current job holders.

        Why not let the districts make the decision as to how they want to do
their staffing? I really think this would work.

Brad Edwards
Technology Coordinator, English Department, Windsor Schools
19 Ascutney Street
Windsor, VT 05089
802-674-6344 x336
"Never place a period where God has placed a comma."-Gracie Allen