NOTE: Paulus Gerdes has written extensively on the African origins
of mathematic ideas and has helped develop a successful national
pedagogical approach to teaching math to all in Mozambique- in
spite of its underdevelopment and war hardships.

He is a pioneer breaking thru the myth of Europe being the center
and foundation of mathematical ideas.

S. E. Anderson

New & noteworthy from MEP Publications (January 24, 2003):

Awakening of Geometrical Thought in Early Culture

By Paulus Gerdes
2003. ISBN 0-930656-75-X, 200 pages. Cloth only $49.50

Foreword by the late Dirk J. Struik (MIT)
Chapter 1: Mathematicians on the origin of elementary geometrical
Chapter 2: How did people learn to geometrize?
Chapter 3: Early geometrical concepts and relationships in societal
Chapter 4: Social activity and the formation of ancient geometry

Chapter 5: Conclusion: Awakening of geometrical thought

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Dr. Paulus Gerdes
Professor of Mathematics
Director, Ethnomathematics Research Centre
Rua Marconi 109 R/C, Maputo, Mozambique
Postal address: C.P. 915, Maputo, Mozambique
Tel. & Fax: +258-1-49 45 04
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