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Others should probably do the same, it probably means that I will now not only miss these messages but all replies (to those foolish enough to attempt what may be loosely called a "dialog" with him.  If anyone needs help in setting up such a filter, just let me know.

You know (you may never read this, with blocking software), i am quite able to do my thing without leftist buddies. But it might help to state your beef once in a while. Excommunication is a bit corny at this point, and I can live with rejection, since I got the message the left is for hardliners (actually it isn't, and I am sad to watch them destroy it). But the more general point is that someone in your environment is suffering disillusioned contempt for leftist stupidity after interacting with your peer group. This was silly. A simple critique of Parenti and whoosh, marked man. You have to recruit new softies to a hard line, and that's getting harder and harder, and the ersatz enemies like yours truly your own created obstacle put in your way.
It seems the left can't survive the Internet. People sign up and realize they were only supposed to behave themselves with Marxist boilerplate while the tough guys get going.

Anyway, it suits me to know some people don't read my posts. But I worry about the closed minds I encounter here.