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Making Genes, Making Waves: A Social Activist in Science
by Jon Beckwith
Hardcover: 256 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.01 x 8.50 x 5.79
Publisher: Harvard Univ Pr; ISBN: 0674009282; (October 2002)

In 1969, Jon Beckwith and his colleagues succeeded in isolating a gene from the
chromosome of a living organism. Announcing this startling achievement at a
press conference, Beckwith took the opportunity to issue a public warning about
the dangers of genetic engineering. Jon Beckwith's book, the story of a
scientific life on the front line, traces one remarkable man's dual commitment
to scientific research and social responsibility over the course of a career
spanning most of the postwar history of genetics and molecular biology.
A thoroughly engrossing memoir that recounts Beckwith's halting steps toward
scientific triumphs--among them, the discovery of the genetic element that
turns genes on--as well as his emergence as a world-class political activist,
Making Genes, Making Waves is also a compelling history of the major
controversies in genetics over the last thirty years. Presenting the science in
easily understandable terms, Beckwith describes the dramatic changes that
transformed biology between the late 1950s and our day, the growth of the
radical science movement in the 1970s, and the personalities involved
throughout. He brings to light the differing styles of scientists as well as
the different ways in which science is presented within the scientific
community and to the public at large. Ranging from the travails of Robert
Oppenheimer and the atomic bomb to the Human Genome Project and recent "Science
Wars," Beckwith's book provides a sweeping view of science and its social
context in the latter half of the twentieth century.

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