Oaxaca, Mexico, Monday, January 13, 2003


      I have some thoughts about conflicts in the anti-war movement in the
U.S. The conflict surfaced in the War Tax Resistance movement recently, and
I offered my comments to that group, but the questions that come up are of
much broader interest.

      Instead of posting my remarks to this board I mailed them individually
to many of you, so that I could put letter in better format. For those of
you who may not be on my personal mailing list (now with 542 entries), it is
available on my website at
as an e-mail on the subject: Americans, oppose threatened war

      The letter begins with information about the struggle in Latin
America, which is far more advanced than in the U.S., but then goes on as an
"Open letter to Andy Baker", who had posted his comments to the War Tax
Resistance discussion board.

      You might also be interested in seeing some of the other articles on
the Discussion subfolder of my website, all of which are accessible at

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