Hi Everyone!

I've been asked to send out the enclosed notice from Chris Hadsel.  She and
her crew of "conservators" are doing a fantastic job here in Sudbury on our
Painted Stage Curtains.  If you're not sure she has your curtains on her
list, I'm sure she wouldn't mind checking for you and maybe including your
curtains in her project!  (Thanks for any help!) patty smith of sudbury


One more "Last Call" appeal to all town clerks about the Vermont Painted
Theater Curtain Project. There are now more than 120 curtains in the
inventory and work has begun on the curtains at the Sudbury and Chittenden
town halls. Many of the curtains are in town halls and if you think there
might be one that isn't on the list, please E-mail Christine Hadsel at
[log in to unmask] Sometimes they are rolled up and stored under the
stage or in the balcony, so please have a look in every possible place!

There are also many curtains in Grange Halls. If you have a Grange and you
think it might not be included, please E-mail that information as well.
Contacts/phone numbers always appreciated.

For those town halls with curtains, now is the time to plan to ask at town
meeting for a small sum to help with their preservation. The Curtain Project
has raised money to stabilize, clean and repair these wonderful treasures,
but each community has to contribute a portion of the cost. If possible,
please try to persuade your townspeople to allocate $500 to $1,000 depending
on whether your curtain is on stage or in storage. Some town halls have
several curtains, but the Project will deal with the extra costs. Several
towns have already allocated the money and others plan to match the town
money with funds from the historical society or other community group.

There is a great article in the Winter issue of Vermont Life about the
curtains, also a piece in Yankee Magazine and there have been newspaper
articles in the Rutland Herald, the Burlington Free Press and all over the
country through an AP story out of Montpelier.

Thank you for your help.