Hi folks,

Before too many readers get overly excited about all
the gyrfalcon messages in their inboxes....

I'll take this opportunity to remind everyone of two
good practices when using VTBIRD:

 1) Use a subject line that appropriately describes
    the content of your message

 2) Make sure the email is addressed to the party you
    intend to be the recipient (the reply button does
    not always result in expected behavior)

Also, it never hurts to doublecheck before hitting
"send".  At least one reader was confused this weekend
by a message referring to Tree Swallows when the writer
meant Tree Sparrows (as the subject line revealed).

As for the gyrfalcon email.... The original message
did mention a gyrfalcon, and it is usually appropriate
to leave the subject line intact when replying.  However,
when the subject line indicates a rare bird report and
the discussion changes to chickadees I believe most
readers would appreciate a change in the subject line
to better reflect message content.

Thanks for your attention.

Good birding!
Ernie Buford
VTBIRD List Owner