Sunday afternoon my husband noticed a Sharp Shinned Hawk "feasting" on it's kill right in our bird feeding area.  Unusual, because they do not often stay to eat although have "shopped" at the feeder before.  I checked afterwards and found only red feathers.....nary bone nor beak.  I regret the loss of a cardinal (female, I think) but it is what hawks do and the Sharpies do it very well. 

I do have a question for the more experienced Birders out there.....about the possible age of the bird.  As first, from the side view it appeared adult with the "orange ish" markings on the front....but when it turned full towards still had significant amounts of the immature (more brown) chest markings....surrounded by the rusty they molt brown to orange (or is it early for molting)?.....or is this last years hatchling just coming into adult color?....thanks!

Karen (Brigham)

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