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>On Tue, 11 Feb 2003, Sharon Heller wrote:
>> May go to Sutton, but some of our group are not allowed across the
>This is not uncommon among Deadheads. ;)

Well, my friend isn't a Deadhead, but about 18 yrs ago he got a DWI in the
US and when his band was travelling (yeah, he's a musican) they asked at
the border if they had any infractions, and being the honest guy that he
is, he told them about the DWI which was pretty recent at the time. They
closed the door to him and put it on his permanent record, and now he is
not allowed in Canada. He tried to get in last year (on his way to Jay) and
they refused him entry.

Back in the day (about 20 yrs ago) when I was a young hippy-type travelling
to see my favorite band, I crossed the border at Niagara Falls with 2 guys
travelling in my old Subaru (1800cc), both of whom had longer hair than
myself. Needless to say, they pulled everything out of the car and went
through it fairly carefully and came up empty. They let us in. We saw an
awesome show in Toronto, picked up a few cases of Brodors and headed back
to the US and on to the next show. Those were the days...


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