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>One more option: you can visit the passport office in-person to renew if
>you have travel scheduled w/in 2 weeks. That's why I'll be driving to Miami
>for a day next week.

For me that would mean travelling to NYC. That's 4+ hours, plus lodging AND
that would seriously cut into my ski time/$. Not happenin.

I called my local travel agent. She said an expired passport and/or birth
certificate should work. I have a xerox copy of my birth certificate, the
original is at my mother's house (which would cut into my ski time to drive
to NJ to get it). So with both, I think I should be ok. I'll be travelling
with 5 women with skis. I don't think we'll look too threatening to the
customs officials.

Last year at the Calgary airport (just a few months after 9/11) I just used
my expired passport and the guy didn't even blink.


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