A relaxing day at Stowe today, opting for quality over quantity.

An unexpected day at Stowe, too. C'mon - it's Tuesday and it's artic
cold. Why wasn't I in my warm office? Well, Tuesday is my work at
home day, and the dog ate my homework. More precisely, my mighty
Powerbook lost its power after exposure to green Kryptonite and was
forced into the repair shop. With no workstation, it was hard to
work. So I did what any man would do: I went skiing.

Snow phone said 3-5" new. I can verify that claim -- and it felt like
more in some spots. The place was practically deserted: I suppose
people heard the weather report and decided that it was far too cold
to go out skiing. But no, the wind was light an the sun was strong.
No matter that the lifts were slow: the quad is still running on
auxiliary impulse power, and the warp drive on the gondola appeared
to be be off-line, too. I was on a Mission from God.

One of those deep powder spots was completely untracked for better
than 2000' down the mountain and into the adjoining Ranch Valley.
Facing generally south, it was a beautiful, warm, and sunny itinerary
with roller coaster turns that seemed to stretch on and on and on. It
was so good, I did it again, except this time somebody beat me to it
and there was one set of annoying tracks in front of me.

Ah, yes -- there is nothing better than skiing up to an entrance,
looking down, and seeing just one set of tracks -- except for maybe
knowing that those tracks were yours, too.

Special bonus on run # 2. I was standing by the side of the road just
in front of 3 o'clock waiting for a bus back up to the lifts when a
Subaru comes roaring down the mountain road, stops, turns around, and
pulls up in front of me. None other than Carol Nelson,just off work
and offering me a ride back up to the Gondi. "I couldn't figure out
who would be out on the road looking for a bus UP the hill at 3:00,
then I saw the pants," she said. Thanks to her timely intervention, I
was able to squeeze in a last Chin Clip (surprisingly soft bumps) and
a Cliff Trail before last call on the quad.

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