Thought you got rid of me; Eh?  Not so fast!  I'm back, again, after 3
work related meetings in 2 weeks.  Pasadena, then Boulder, then Pasadena.
First priority after work itself was getting enough rest so as not to get
sick.  So far, so good, knock on wood.  The close quarters of airplanes,
dry air, and many changes of time zones are all an invitation to germs of
all varieties.

Got in a little bit of skiing and a little bit more of riding.  I lined up
the tickets ~ 10 days in advance.  I was anxious to meet Mitch of and do some backcountry in So Cal with him.  So I sent an
email and never heard from him.  It either disappeared in the ether or he
was out of town.  (las Vegas trade show occured about that time)  Anyhow I
was in Boulder 5-7th and flew to LAX on Fri. evening the 7th.  When it
snowed in Boulder on Wed. & Thurs. with no answer from Mitch, I tried to
change my ticket to stay in CO for the weekend.  So Cal had been dry for
weeks.  If the ticket could be changed, I'd try to get in touch with Nick
and Matt and 2 now retired fellow instructors from MASH, Joe (now at
Beaver Creek) and Frank (now at Sol Vista).  To make a long story short I
called all involved parties, Orbitz, United and Continental.  It was
finally determined that I should see Continental at their counter in
Denver airport.  I drove there in blinding snow risking life and limb
after conclusion of business on Thurs., almost 2 hrs. one way with
accidents everywhere.  I got there at 6 PM and the Continental counter was
_CLOSED_.  This was an International carrier in an International
airport!!!  Is this any way to run a business?  And why in lleh couldn't
they tell me the hours of the ticket counter when they told me I had to go
there to change the ticket.  I hope they are among those airlines who are
losing their shirts.  I ended up snowboarding at So Cal areas that blow
lots of snow, Big Bear and Snow Summit.  Had a decent time but it wasn't
with friends on new snow.

More to come, after I get caught up.

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