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 Subject:      Catamount Trail  -  Length of Vermont tour     Days 10 & 11
 Catamount Trail  -  Length of Vermont Tour   Days 10 & 11  -  Feb 8 and


As we were covering ground, there was little time for diversions – not
 you would want to considering the mileage to be covered.   Fairly skinny
 double-cambered skies plus crust added to my being happy with our beeline
 mission.  Interestingly, the fastest skis of the weekend were wide.  The
 crust, especially on Saturday, was not fooling around.   Really good
skiers and skiers w/wide skis did fine.  For most however, speed was the
enemy.  No turning allowed once you split from the trail to dump speed.
Your line had to be tree-free because it was going to be straight.  Z
traverses w/very acute angles were the way to go.  On the Sunday, the
crust was less severe and these Zs were getting pretty fun.  Not the best
way to drop a hundred crusty feet here and there – but good enough – nice
powder under the crust.   For me, a relative beginner, it was all good
learning experience.  I had assumed skinny would be fast.  But because we
couldn’t go fast, they were the wrong ski.  Anything I gained on flats or
ups, I lost on downs – fighting to stay at a low speed (except on the bile
trails which allowed some speed).  Wide (single cambered) skis, which were
fine even on some ups, blasted on descents.   I would not have thought
that a boundless, the widest ski of the bunch, would have been fastest on
a Nordic trail.  This day it was. <

This is great stuff.  Keep it coming!

The Boundless is a _great_ ski, and very versatile.  I skied mine on a
heavy crust over powder a couple weeks ago and they did fine.  It was a
heavy crust on a wind hammered open slope that sent cracks 3-4 feet in all
directions when I was climbing and occasionally broke into floor tile
sized pieces.  Typically, I gomered the first turn before dialing it in.
After that it was stay low and cut it deep, which the skis did, just fine.
 It may be sold as an XC ski but it is really an alpine mid-fat in
disguise.  I'd have no reservations about taking it down Teardrop or

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