Stoked?????  Stick your nose right out there all the way up the freezer.  There are probably a lot of ways Greek Peak cannot compare with Jay and one of them is cold factor.  I had a La Masque actually freeze to my cheek at Whiteface a couple of weeks ago and when I got off the lift my whole left side (windward) of my face felt like a shot of novocaine from the dentist.  Have fun.   Jimski

 Sharon Heller <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

It's those same guys from the videos. Tough job they have.

I asked Rob (telemarker in gray helmet who is also on the cover of the
trailmap...he's a pretty boy) if anyone skis at -17...he said he just came
in and it was totally awesome.

I am so stoked to get up there. Last night was a dress rehearsal for the
cold. I'm ready.

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