Eric J Krupka <[log in to unmask]> asked
>Would someone remind me again how being a
>celebrity automatically makes a person an expert
>in foreign affairs, economics, or just about anything

I think this paragraph from the NY times article
says it all:
>By the nature of his work, Miller is more attuned
>to foreign opinions than the average American
>sports figure. The bulk of the World Cup skiing
>circuit is in Western Europe, and Miller and his
>teammate Erik Schlopy rented out part of a
>farmhouse in Austria in recent years to serve as a
>base. His primary equipment sponsor is now the
>French company Rossignol.

A big complaint about Americans is, we are narrow
minded.   We know little to nothing, about the rest of
the world.   Very few of us travel.   Most Americans
do not have passports.   I read an article in Europe
about how most of our congressmen do not have

Very few of us speak foriegn languages.  Despite
our lack of intrest in understanding other cultures,
we are ready to lead the world in defining how things
should be.

I sat next to a Colonel that worked in the Pentagon.
He had the same complaint of our congress.

I never travled until I got this job.   I deeply
not having traveled when I was younger.   I am pushing
languages on my kids.

Besides, everyone has opinions.  When you are wearing
a gold medal, then people are interested in what your
opinions are.   It must be nice to express your
with out a big flame war :-)



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