I picked up on that also.  You are OK Jason.  JimskididntwanttothinkIwastheonlyone



 Jason Ross <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

I know I'll regret chiming in on this one, but...

Tag Gross wrote:
> It would figure that someone with as much Talent,intelligence and moxy as
> Bode would feel this way. Although it's hard to imagine how anyone could
> think differently when a dunce from Texas has taken the country from Peace
> and prosperity to War and economic dissaster in such a short time.
> From the New York Times
[lots of snipping]
> "...represented...representing...representing...representing...representing"
> "...relatively...relatively...relatively...relatively"

I think Bode just got through the "R" section of his word of the day

Bode doesn't come across as all posessing that much "intelligence" from
the quotes in the story. Kinda rough to laud Bode as having "talent,
intelligence, and moxy" then call W "a dunce from Texas".

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