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>PS On the America's not travelling front when I first came here I thought it
>so weird that my collegues didn't have passports and that most have never
>been outside its borders. After having to travel to a lot of different
>places in the US with work I saw why. With the US being so vast and so
>different you have to do an awful lot of travelling to see it all.

True, America is huge.   However, everywhere has McDonalds, Burger King,
Staples, Hooters (other then Vermont), Starbucks. . .  Everyone watches
the NFL, NBA, MTV, Simpsons. . .  There is never any nudity on TV.
 Everyone wears Leivs, GAP. . . Everywhere has crappy radio stations that
play the same music over and over.    Bud is on tap everywhere. When you
meet a woman for the first time, you shake hands.  The speed limit is never
higher then 65mph.

You know what always make me laugh.   When ever I am flying home, I have
to switch planes to get to Burlington.   I can always tell the BTV gate
with out reading the sign.   Just by looking at the people in the gate,
I know it is the Vermont gate.

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