Bode may be on our side but I am on yours.  Take a few runs for me Mike and thanks for you perspective.    Jimski


 Michael Bernstein <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

JM wrote:

"A big complaint about Americans is, we are narrow
minded. We know little to nothing, about the rest of
the world. Very few of us travel. Most Americans
do not have passports. I read an article in Europe
about how most of our congressmen do not have

Very few of us speak foriegn languages. Despite
our lack of intrest in understanding other cultures,
we are ready to lead the world in defining how things
should be."

So by that logic, then maybe we should hand over the reigns of government
to the legions of aimless post-graduates currently backpacking around
Europe with their Eurail passes. Or maybe b/c someone went on a cruise to
Mexico, that qualifies them, right. Funny thing is, I've lived in Europe
and Asia for 4 years - so by your logic, shouldn't I be leading the anti-
war protests in NYC this weekend? No thanks, I'm going skiing.

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