Stepping in the pile on this one

What's the matter with the guy saying what he said?

  They asked and he answered.
  Give the guy a break
  Americans are entitled to their opinions -- at least they were the
last time I looked --  Am I missing something here other than that
this is a SKIING LIST (well Bode IS a skier).

-- Stay warm and bon ski over the holiday.

><<snipped some>>
>At a news conference tonight, Miller was asked about Iraq and said he was
>following developments on the BBC and CNN and did not agree with current
>United States policy.
>"In a way, it's depressing, because I'm represented by my government," he
>said. "My government is who's representing me, even though I'm over here
>representing my government, too, and I don't claim to be perfect by any
>means, but I think I do a much better job of representing the U.S. than they
>do of representing me."

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