On 14 Feb 2003 at 14:41, Benjamin Kulas wrote:

> Insert "World Cup skier who lives in Europe" for celebrity, and it
> would make that person automatically more qualified than probably 90 -
> 95% of Americans.  Eric, to Matt's question, " And just what makes a
> lawyer or a businessman an expert?" you responded:
> "Hopefully, years of training.  Hopefully."
> Really?  Forgive my ignorance, but how much course work at law school
> is devoted to foreign affairs and economics?  And how much training,
> period, do most businesspeople really have?  An MBA may be their
> highest degree, right?  That's two years, usually, correct?  Michael
> Bernstein, what topics do y'all examine as part of your MBA education?

Okay, gotta weigh in here.  MBA courses and law school
focus on specific skills, it is true - but both programs,
properly executed, teach a very important life skill:

Learning how to think critically.  In other words, how to
accumulate information from a variety of sources and
determine a course of action as a result.

For all of Bode's talent as a skier - and for all of my respect
for his last school, Carrabassett Valley Academy (from
which, as far as I know, he has STILL not graduated),
Bode ain't an expert on world affairs.

> Americans suffer from isolationism, and sadly, our current President
> is one of those sufferers.  I think the first time he went to Germany
> may have been as President.  No joke.  I'm not 100% sure, but I think
> I remember reading that in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung (Munich's top
> newspaper) when Bush was making his first presidential tour of Europe.
>  Here's a guy born into one of the country's most advantaged families,
> and he didn't take the opportunity to explore the world!  Compare him
> to Franklin Delano Roosevelt (who, as another privileged American
> youth, spent his summers travelling around Europe)

Typical 'Blame American First' lib claptrap.  Dan Ellis is
correct:  the reason why Euros tend to have passports and
speak more than one language is that this is a survival
skill.  Know where the British go on vacation? Anywhere
but the UK.  It's a small country, and they can't wait to get
out of it.  Germans can't wait to go elsewhere.  The French

Americans don't NEED to go anywhere but the US.  I'm
not suggesting for a moment that they shouldn't - they
should, in fact.  If for no other reason than this:  every time
I go abroad, even to places as 'enlightened' and 'civilized'
as France or Germany - countries I truly enjoy and respect
- I'm goddam glad to be back in the States on returning
home.  And I've NEVER gone to Europe on vacation - it's
always been school or work.

Bode as political/world affairs analyst?  Tag, either you've
successfully accomplished one of the greatest trolls in
skivittles history, or you'd better go back to your shrink and
get your dosage titrated.

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