I think it may be time to yet again thank this list for showing me another side of skiing I had no idea was out there. I'm sure I
probably would have bumped into woods skiing somehow, but the amount of information this list and its archives provides was a great

There is something wrong with me, I can't seem to stay out of the woods. I plan to take a cruiser but then my skiis turn off into
the trees. Is there some sort of 12 step plan for this ?  Even my first run, I ended up going down the longest named woods run on
Sterling. All the rest of my 10 or so trips down the mtn included something not on the trail map. The best snow was found in Drifter
Woods (part 2) and for that little bit of named trails I sampled, Upper upper liftline on Madonna had some great chopped up powder.

More snow tonight... Doesn't get much better then this....

Tim Watson

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