Under a sunny blue sky, I was rebuffed in my attempt to summit the upper parking lots by a sherriff telling me the upper lots were
full. Not wanting the extra hassle of parking down low, I told him I'd be back later..

2 hours later in near white out conditions, there was no sheriff to block my way. Pulling into parking lot 1, it was dumping hard.
The accumulation on the first ride up, told me about 1/2 inch a chair lift ride..

Took an opening run down black bear into the woods on the right. Next was a run down docs which seemed to have a good 4 inches
already. I made a mistake trying Robins Run which had tons of nasties barely hidden by the new fluff. After that it was into Hershey
Squirts, Smuggs Alley woods into more Hershey Squirts were I found my boss. Plans were hatched for a last run out back. Perfect
ending to a great afternoon...except that snow stopped falling as soon as it started. Totals ranged from about 4-6 inches in 3

Was amazed how fast that new snow got tracked up. Was like it was a powder morning out there... Should be a little few spots left
for tomorrow morning, I'll keep my fingers crossed for another one of these squalls....

Tim Watson

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