Tag Gross wrote:
> To those that lament the fact that politics often interrupts the
> scintillating discussion on equipment, waxing etc in the world of SkiVT-l, I
> bring you this political interruption of skiing in the real world.
> It would figure that someone with as much Talent,intelligence and moxy as
> Bode would feel this way. Although it's hard to imagine how anyone could
> think differently when a dunce from Texas has taken the country from Peace
> and prosperity to War and economic dissaster in such a short time.

[NYT article snipped]

Would someone remind me again how being a celebrity
automatically makes a person an expert in foreign
affairs, economics, or just about anything else?

Just because Bode's a great skier doesn't mean that
his ideas on anything other than ski racing are any
closer to the "truth" (whatever *that* may be), than
mine, yours, or the guy that offers to clean your

Do your own thinking.  Gather your own facts.
Recognize that people have their own agendas
and prejudices which they are probably *not*
disclosing.  Make up your own mind and voice
it in the PROPER arena, please.


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