The conditions in the woods at Stowe are better this weekend than they
were last weekend.  I still managed to find snow that was untracked yet
too heavy and dense to be considered "good" - I guess I'm just talented
that way.  The snow in question was found by traversing way out past
the bench.  Just how far does that traverse go, anyway?  I was pretty
much directly across the road from Tusk when I decided to stop
traversing.  I heard that the snow right at the bench was good, and
Hellbrook was good, so I guess I either went too far or not far enough.

Partridge was as good as ever.  I love that area.  The s-curve with the
small (2 foot?) drop in the middle that was found by Ben Bloom,
Kathleen B, and myself a few weeks ago was found again.  I made it
through that section pretty cleanly.  I won't say I nailed it, because
I didn't commit to it until I was about 10 feet above left hand turn /
drop, but I'm still happy.  And, I found an untracked little drop in
lower Partridge too.

Stowe's lift problems continued.  Both the gondi and the quad were
running on their (slower) diesel backups today.  The quad line was
between 30 minutes and 45 minutes in the afternoon.  The gondi was a
little better.  They also had a new gondi car sitting in the lower
terminal.  Looked almost identical to the current ones, but the windows
were bigger (went almost all the way to the floor) and they had what
appeared to be snowboard carriers on the doors behind the ski carriers.
  We can only hope.

Jason - "redraobwons"

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