Evan the spread-eagle guy wrote:

> Somebody please satiate my curiosity. The Blue Hills woods only need about
> 10" before they are eminently skiable. The famed back bowls need a bit
> more, but 15" should do it for most anything on the highest mountain on the
> Atlantic Coast south of Maine.

Yes, there was over a foot of new snow on Big Blue yesterday, on the
25th anniversary of the Blizzard of '78 in fact. It was not the typical
heavy stuff that falls in eastern MA, but rather had an H20 content
somewhere in the champagne range, probably just a few weight %. They
said on the news last night that 0.3" of water equated into 12 inches of
snow, while a more typical snowfall would have 1" of water equalling a

This stuff is wonderfully light and fluffy, the kind that goes "poof"
when you brush it off your car. Skiers they showed on the news last
night on the slopes at Big Blue certainly looked to be enjoying
themselves. However, this new snow would not provide suitable cover for
off piste skiing other than over grass and moss. It would be great over
an already existing base of ice or hard snow, but I don't think the back
bowls at Big Blue had any of that.

The Blizzard of '78 received lots of publicity on its 25th anniversary.
I thought we might hear some stories from listers who lived through that
event. I never realized how devastating this storm was on the coastal
communities. The winds reached nearly 100 mph and the high tides were
abnormally high. My only recollection was shovelling the 2 feet that
fell in Vermont during the storm, and hearing about the stranded cars on
Rt. 128.


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