You know Tag, however unlikely the story sounds, there's a chance it
might be true.  One girl I had the pleasure of instructing (alas for only one
day) skied with her boots on the wrong feet all day long (not the day I was
teaching her).  She didn't notice until she was in the First Aid office late in
the afternoon (for something completely different - she had some injury
(ended up being bruises, at most) when someone else had difficulty
using the chairlift).  And this was no beginner.  This girl skied every day
she had off from school every winter.

Tihs, before I actually ever saw a ski jump competition, I figured everyone
went all at once (how cool would that be?)!  (I was 5, had just moved to
Vermont, and had never seen skiers of any sort before (in fact, until I
moved to Vermont I thought that skiing was something that Richard Scary
made up))

El Scorpion

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