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> Tag Gross wrote:

[Silly provocative stuff that prejudiced the reader (if they are of the "wrong"
political persuasion) against the article]
> [NYT article snipped]
> Would someone remind me again how being a celebrity
> automatically makes a person an expert in foreign
> affairs, economics, or just about anything else?

Insert "World Cup skier who lives in Europe" for celebrity, and it would
make that person automatically more qualified than probably 90 - 95% of
Americans.  Eric, to Matt's question, " And just what makes a lawyer or a
businessman an expert?" you responded:

"Hopefully, years of training.  Hopefully."

Really?  Forgive my ignorance, but how much course work at law school
is devoted to foreign affairs and economics?  And how much training,
period, do most businesspeople really have?  An MBA may be their
highest degree, right?  That's two years, usually, correct?  Michael
Bernstein, what topics do y'all examine as part of your MBA education?
(And what percentage receive IMBAs as opposed to MBAs?) (These
questions are not rhetorical, I'd actually like to know)  I am by no means
trying to belittle an MBA, I just doubt that they provide one with "years of
training" in, say, foreign affairs.  Even in economics, it would only be two

If you go to Wooster, Ohio, Brattleboro, VT or Tucson, AZ, I wonder how
many businesspeople in those places have had years of training in
foreign affairs, economics, etc.

JM's point was spot on.

Americans suffer from isolationism, and sadly, our current President is
one of those sufferers.  I think the first time he went to Germany may have
been as President.  No joke.  I'm not 100% sure, but I think I remember
reading that in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung (Munich's top newspaper) when
Bush was making his first presidential tour of Europe.  Here's a guy born
into one of the country's most advantaged families, and he didn't take the
opportunity to explore the world!  Compare him to Franklin Delano
Roosevelt (who, as another privileged American youth, spent his
summers travelling around Europe).

It should come as no surprise, then, that Bush pursues an isolationist,
uniliateralist foreign policy (and then has the audacity to charge France
and Germany with isolationist policies!).  Look at his policies towards
Israel and Palestine, North Korea, etc. in his first year as President.  Black
and white and isolationist.  The problem with a C- college student like
Bush, is that his world is a black and white television.

Bode Miller, however, travels all over the world, was raised to consider
alternate solutions, and while his response was littered with "R"s and did
not pursue specifics  - cut him some slack; it was a press conference - it
demonstrated a sensitivity to other countries that our President lacks.

(I saw a press conference when Bush couldn't remember Jacques
Chirac's name or title (President), though the man was sitting right next to

> Just because Bode's a great skier doesn't mean that
> his ideas on anything other than ski racing are any
> closer to the "truth" (whatever *that* may be), than
> mine, yours, or the guy that offers to clean your
> windshield.

add "World Cup" between "great" and "skier", and yes, it probably does -
well maybe not mine, because I have a great liberal arts education and
have lived abroad and speak foreign languages...I won't comment on
yours, Eric, because I just don't know, but certainly more than the
windshield cleaner/convict, etc.

> Do your own thinking.  Gather your own facts.

But that's so much work!

> Recognize that people have their own agendas
> and prejudices which they are probably *not*
> disclosing.

Ok, could someone please explain to me what Bode's hidden agenda is?

> Make up your own mind and voice
> it in the PROPER arena, please.

Oh, you mean as American citizens, that is citizens of the very country that
made representative democracy, civil liberties, "freedom", etc. the "model"
for all other nation, we should feel shy about discussing politics?  Or think
that such a discussion should be shoe'd off to one corner?  Come on!

I agree that simplistic, provocative comments like some of those Tag
flaunted to initiate this thread are not usually productive, but we
Americans, we should love informed discussions of politics no matter
what the arena!  I for one, laud Bode.

El Scorpion

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