It must have gotten about freezing for a bit over the weekend, for what had been 8-10” of 6% powder Friday night had sagged to 4-6” of denser stuff with a tasty light ˝” sun crust on it.  Below the new lies a bomber 3-4” rain crust atop some sugary depth hoar, but the sugar layer seems to be giving way to crust in the S aspects.  The N aspects are still pretty sweet it the woods, while the southern exposures are mostly cement-on-crust.


With new snow predicted for tonight, it could get better as the week goes on, and it ‘s not too bad right now, not bad at all!  I took the time to test all of the eastern-end spots, but refrained from taking more than 3-4 laps per- saving it for later!


Testing out the new (to me) beater Karhu Lookouts, they aquitted themselves nicely: Better grip than glide by a fair amount, despite a quick shot of MaxiGlide ™, but they should do mucho mas better after a bit o’ base structure on the glide surfaces and a hot wax. Heavier and straighter than the Fischer Rebounds, they still proved turny enough for the juvenile-tree slalom courses out there- even skied the steeper and tightest lines with a bit o’ hop-turnin’.


Tour Statistics:


Length: ~2km


Total vertical earned: ~500’


Cire du jour: Scales (woulda used red hard wax, maybe special-red.)


Hopefully tonight’s stormlet will turn “pretty good” into “great” conditions for the rest of the week!




_____________ ________ __

__ /________ ________ ___

__( Tele till you drop

___\ ________ ________ __

____) ______ __________ _

___/ ______ ___________ _

__( o ____ __________ __

__ \(|\.____ _______ ____

___`\>/______ ____ ______

____ \` ______ __ _______

______`________ _ _______

_______________ __ ______