Speaking of avalanche conditions, we had our first fatality of the season
Saturday evening, on Gobbler's Knob, between Big Cottonwood Canyon to the
south and Mill Creek Canyon to the north.

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A more generalized story about the avi conditions this year:

[last two links active till around 2/24]

Sunday was a wild day at Alta. It didn't start snowing till around
noon-ish, but the day started with crappy visibility that got worse, fog,
about 2" overnight snow atop crusts that closed some large areas of
terrain, and blowing snow....lots of blowing snow. Steady 30 mph from the
south gusting to 60. Germania was shut down at 11:30 as it required double
polling and strong skating to get off the chair into the wind. They were
also running it at 1/3 speed. I put in my morning and left - it was pretty
unpleasant. That afternoon we got 8" of graupel, some hail, and
thunderstorms. Towers on the Supreme lift were hit by lightening - a
needlessly exciting ride for the folks on the lift at the time.

Yesterday was pure sweetness. If you knew how the winds were blowing and
know how some of the terrain catches snow, you could find a foot of new
styrofoam balls. I've never seen the High T so smooth and (relatively) rock
free. Saw one guy launch off the side of Pyramid Rock on East Greeley,
dropping it at about the 30' high mark.

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