My 4x4 truck with 31" all terrain tires just couldnt make it home this
morning, so I extended my free hour by a few. Okemo got a foot and a half,
give or take, augmented by another 2 or 3 inches in the afternoon.

Fast Ed and I hit all the old haunts and a few new ones. Jackson Gore had
a few nice new trails named "XX" and "XXX" on the map. For some reason
nobody else was skiing them, perhaps because they were not G-rated for
wholesome family enjoyment. Too much gratuitous powder smut. It was
especially pleasing to see parents cover their childrens eyes as we
unabashedly indulged in these hedonistic pleasures. I heard one youngin'
exclaim "Ow daddy, my eyes! What are they doing?". We didnt hang around
long enough for the explanation.

I ended the day by skinning up to the firetower after catching the last
ride on Northstar. Patrol was about to send me down when I came up with a
great lie. They bought it and left, and I kicked back at the top of the
firetower with a lime green Nalgene. No wind, good view, comfortable
temps, and all alone atop a powder stuffed mountain.

I wish ever work day was like this.


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